under.ctrl graz launch : “interfaces of control mechanisms” , which is planned as an event in process with various performance formats, will put forward observations on the various aspects of the mechanisms that control our lives, in connection with their designed interfaces. Throughout these 3 days, Forum Stadtpark will host sound performances, installations and screenings of works and documentaries (in a definite time frame with a controlled but composite schedule) along with a panel that will be publicized after the event. Therefore, it will operate as a platform of discussion on how these interfaces are shaped and alter our lives in different local contexts. loosing.ctrl (Turkish-Israeli project) -as one of the sub channels of the series- will also be presented with a screening programme. under.ctrl graz launch will bring a specific emphasis to the local context through the works of Austrian artists and a local activist group.

more info and visuals of the Graz launch

The participating artists of under.ctrl are Nooshin Farhid (Iran/the UK), Hristina Ivanoska (Macedonia) Effie - Amir (Israel/Belgium), Zhou Hongxiang (China), Ran Slavin (Israel), Anabala (Turkey), Sala Manca (Argentine/Israel), Ligna (Germany), Erhan Muratoglu (Turkey), Michael Zinganel (Austria), Pragmatic Sanction (Austria), Vuk Cosic (Slovenia), Nicole Pruckermayr - IOhannes zmölnig (Austria), Yane Calovski (Macedonia), FOS (Denmark) and Igor Stromajer - Brane Zorman (Slovenia).

Participating artists of the loosing.ctrl screening programme are Yael Bartana (Israel), Erhan Muratoglu (Turkey), Ruti Sela - Maayan Amir (Israel), Can Turkinan - Özlem Sulak (Turkey), and Hatice Guleryuz (Turkey).

The panelists are Andreas Leo Findeisen (Austria), Marina Grzinic (Slovenia). The moderators are Emre Erkal, Erhan Muratoglu and Basak Senova of NOMAD (Turkey).

formats: video works, installations, documentaries, screening programme [loosing.ctrl], live performances [Ran Slavin (Israel), Sala Manca (Israel), Anabala (Turkey)], presentation [Ligna (Germany)], and panel.

audio-video streaming, hosted by ice.mur.at (Ales Zemene)

Stadtpark 1
A - 8010 Graz

a project by NOMAD
developed by basak senova, erhan muratoglu, and emre erkal
curated by basak senova
2004 -2009

The project series, under.ctrl, intends to define “the interfaces of control mechanisms” which systematically compose our lives. Interfaces themselves have become the locus of control by being more effective than their underlying mechanisms, yet more invisible and subtle in normalizing such mechanisms which they veil. They operate in various layers of our daily perception and realization through the re-designing of life styles; procedures of auto-control; re-perception of histories; generating modes for social psychology; constructing communication channels; and particularly through technological embodiment.

The significant influence of these interfaces, along with the direction and intensity of implicit and explicit acceptance and rejection modes, are being detected and questioned through subversive activities and reactions in different forms of expressions by artistic practices.

The project follows an empirical method through various researches carried out by different artistic practices focusing on various kinds of interfaces of control mechanisms operating in the social, political, economic, cultural, geo-political, and psychological layers of our daily lives.

In the same line of thought, this project is also an attempt to detect tactics and rejection mechanisms along with the “off the record” strategies against the pressures and conditions of these mechanisms.


One of the channels of under.ctrl has started with a project called loosing.ctrl in 2004. It was a joint project processing actions and reactions of "control mechanisms" throughout multiple phases (developed by NOMAD and DAL, Holon). Throughout loosing.ctrl, we have tried not to translate or interpret, but to collect various perspectives, objectives, images, views that convey social territories, cultural productions and collective receptions produced within and as actions and reactions of “control mechanisms”. Through the channels of art, we have implemented our project in a map of a complex network of on-going processes that overlap and intersect with each other. Our areas of research were restricted with the recent past of two countries which have been associated with many negative connotations and ever-lasting list of conflicts, yet always appeared as closed boxes to the outside world with unique paradoxes. Although these processes are extracted from the manifold realities of these two different countries each and every process forms another familiar fragment of consumed images and sounds of parallel universes.

In 2005, NOMAD started to expand the project, especially with the emphasis of questions concerning technology. With under.ctrl, NOMAD endeavor to put together an overview of this attempt by combining information gathered from practices and realities of different geographies.

We are particularly working on the social control mechanisms both on the micro and macro levels. The focal point in Graz event is “the interfaces” of control mechanisms.