daily from 19.00 till 23.00
7-16 DECEMBER (closed on sunday)
De Centrale
daily from 18.00 till 20.00

participating artists and designers are Hatice Guleryuz, Ali Cabbar, Yesim Agaoglu, Nermin Er, Zekiye Sarikartal, Koken Ergun, Arzu Ozkal - Orhan Telhan, Osman Bozkurt, Bengisu Bayrak, Extrastruggle, Banu Cennetoglu, Ceren Oykut and Ali Taptik.

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FRICTIES, platform for media art at Vooruit, presents Basak Senova (Turkey)
Thursday 07. December. 2006, 20.30

:::connected to the Salon at 21.30 : opening of the exhibition Rejection Episodes at Vooruit
:::before the Salon at 18.00 : opening of the exhibition Rejection Episodes at De Centrale

This Salon is also the official opening of Rejection Episodes, an exhibit in the framework of Istanbul Ekspres, a collaboration between Vooruit and De Centrale, an old electricity factory that is now an intercultural meeting place.
curated by Basak Senova

The project title Rejection Episodes is derived from the science of medicine: Immune cells may cause serious damage in order to protect the body from any medical intervention by triggering rejection episodes. The immune system functions by distinguishing between cells it recognizes as 'self' and foreign material. The occurrence of these episodes is totally instinctive. Similarly, a social rejection may also be instinctive and beyond reasoning.

Rejection Episodes by Basak Senova
The project can also be seen as an attempt to map the contradictory and heterogeneous social situations that are experienced on a daily bases. Nevertheless, the project has no intention of representing the country, but rather to present a series of cases somehow connected to each other. Therefore, throughout the project, the investigation of these cases operates on different layers through urban culture, disproportioned overpopulation, culture clashes produced amongst migrants coming from rural Anatolia along with the other inhabitants of the city, extreme imbalance between levels of income, nationalist inputs, unitarian state policy, military significance, the re-creation process of the nation since the foundation of the republic, and identity problems. [read more...]

Against the fabrication of "yes" and "no" by Süreyyya Evren
We know that ‘East’ and ‘West’ are not really geographical, but actually ideological terms. And nowadays, they work like a vacuum; the relationship between Turkey and the EU is defined in terms of these ideologies- how we understand and confront them. [read more...]

Sour Times by Erden Kosova
It is needless here to revisit the accounts of the advance of reactionary global politics in the aftermath of September 11, or to reiterate the details of ways in which the administrative configuration called nation-state -whose stability was being undone by the intensifying forces of globalisation- found the opportunity to reinstate and enhance its authority in various ways. Different forms of nationalist ideology have been implanted for that purpose. Similar to countries whose administrative machinery envision the prospect of advancing towards higher ranks in global hierarchy, constitutive actors of the Turkish Republic have indulged in a schismatic state of mind which easily shifts from an eagerness for recognition from the prioritised Other to an acrimonious isolationism, from flirtatious uses of narcissism to organised resentment. Nationalism remains here as the leading medium but it operates mainly through two different -and to a certain extent conflicting- modalities. [read more...]

Yesim Agaoglu
“Which Woman?” (2006) photograph “Hands up!” (2006) photograph

Zekiye Sarikartal
“After Effects” (2006)
screen print and digital print on linen

Ali Taptik
“Accident and Fate”
(2004-2006) photography

Bengisu Bayrak
"Fast-Iman" (2003)
video installation

Banu Cennetoglu
“15 Scary Asian Men” (2006)
printed matter

Nermin Er
“To be continued”
site-specific installation

Ali Cabbar
“Disorientated II, Rootless II, Dislocated II” (2006)
digital print on canvas

Osman Bozkurt
“Auto-Park: The Highway Parks of Istanbul” (2003) video and photograph series
“Ironing” (2006) photograph
“Istanbul” (2006) site-specific transparent photography series

Ceren Oykut, Extrastruggle, Sunipeyk, and Nermin Er (2006)

Hatice Guleryuz

“The First Ones“ (2000-2006) video installation

NOMAD section by Erhan Muratoglu
“Rejection Episodes” (2006) video installation

Arzu Ozkal - Orkan Telhan “Defixed” (2006) computer game
Koken Ergun
“I, Soldier” (2005)
video installation

“Letter” (2001)
site-specific installation
“Trakonya” (2001-2006)
light box

Ceren Oykut
“Record” (2006)
wall drawing
“Istanbul snapshots” (2003-2006)

texts by
Basak Senova, Sureyyya Evren, and Erden Kosova proofreader
Nusin Odelli
designed by