urbanflows is a series of installations in 3 different cities that captures live video in these cities and processes video. An interactive representation of flows of citizens through urban spaces in conceptualized as a gameplay, and mediated by kiosks and mobile telephones.

duration: 4 months
launch: 2002
curator: Basak Senova (TR/UK)
contributors: Emre Erkal (TR)
Erhan Muratoglu (TR/UK/US)
Hakan GÄleryÄz (TR)
Tolga GÄney (TR)
medium: online/internet
series of installations with Max/MSP/Jitter and custom software mobile telephony
visual design: Erhan Muratoglu (TR/UK/US)
Ozlem Ozkal (TR)
sonic design: Emre Erkal (TR)
programming sources: Hakan Guleryuz (TR)
custom, embedded systems
Tolga GÄney (TR)
Emre Erkal (TR)