It is a site-specific project based on the analogy of memetics structure. The project brings artists, interactive designers, architects and programmers together. The project operates through responses of the viewer on an interactive level, thus encodes these responses as the sounds, actions and visuals of knowledge. Assuming that all the memes are in a kind of war to replace each other, the elements of text, visuals and sound will act similarly in synch with these responses. The project will carry a narrative quality of the project with 36 interchangeable phases of a plot.

duration: 2 months
launch: 2002
curator: Basak Senova (TR/UK)
contributors: Emre Erkal
(architect, designer, engineer, TR)
Hakan Guleryuz
(electronic engineer, programmer, TR)
Erhan Muratoglu
(interactive designer, TR/UK/US)
Eden Unluata
(artist, industrial designer, US)
medium: computer sound-scape
visual sources: Provided by Erhan Muratoglu and Eden Unluata
sound sources: Provided by Emre Erkal
architectural implementation:
Provided by Emre Erkal
programming sources: Hakan Guleryuz (TR)