It is a web-based art project based on the researches about the efficiencies, deficiencies and artefacts of the discourses orbiting around the Globalization. The project brings new-media artists, sound-artists, interactive designers, photographers, writers/theoreticians and programmers together. The project operates through founded identical materials/imageries as the duplication of visual, verbal, and aural presences spread out the globe. The geographical input would enrich the possibilities to explore the library/vocabulary of the project, while the technical infrastructure would provide a flexible ground to expend the project.

duration: 6 months
launch: 2002
curator: Basak Senova (TR/UK)
contributors: Paul Devens (NL)
Emre Erkal (TR)
Erhan Muratoglu (TR/UK/US)
Ozlem Ozkal (TR)
medium: Online/Internet Post Cards
visual sources: Identical visual images from different geographies of the globe (The United States of America, Turkey, The Netherlands, PeopleÍs Republic of China, Hong Kong, Russia, Scandinavia)
sound sources: Provided by Paul Devens
verbal sources: Provided from the Internet via a Search Engine specially designed for the project.
programming sources: Hakan Guleryuz (TR)
lay-out design Erhan Muratoglu (TR/UK/US)
Ozlem Ozkal (TR)