"the pornography of fabricating fear"
Editorial by Basak Senova and Yane Calovski


++ Notes from the Underground
by Daniele Balit
++ One Day in September
Sebastian Cichocki with Christoph Draeger
++ Irational's Finest, or The Art of Movement Through Space
by Inke Arns
++ Love without Mercy
Ana Vujanovic with Igor Stromajer
++ Escaping the Control Loops: Understanding MySpace
by Geert Lovink

++ Control through neoliberal democracy:
in-between the headless (the populist right wing mob attitude)
and the thoughtless (the snob attitude)
by Marina Grzinic
++ On relationships and their images
by Jeanne van Heeswijk
++ City Records
by Ceren Oykut
++ Monologues of fear
by Maia Damianovic
++ Hacking Seoul
by Taeyoon Choi
++ Vacuumed and Sealed Image Subjects of City and Scenes from Alleys
by Tul Akbal Sualp
++ Synchronicities, or beyond the Feature: The Judge
by Zaneta Vangeli
++ Fear from Art Institutions: Participatory Art and Its "Hierarchies"
by Suzana Milevska
++ Facing the Waves
by Glenn Ligon