ctrl_alt_del newsletter #3

ctrl_alt_del newsletter #3

ctrl_alt_del Boat Tour Updated Information

The boat tour will start at 11am on 17th of September. The boarding location is behind Türkpetrol gas station, Kabatas and the name of the boat is Nis. The landing location is Besiktas. Please check the web-site for the map. Reservations recommended via info@nomad-tv.net as the space is limited)

Sound-art festival ctrl_alt_del, will take place in the “positionings” section of the 9th International Istanbul Biennial. The project will launch on September 16th, 2005 with an opening night performance in the city at Balans Music hall, then will continue on the Bosphorus, the Golden Horn, Istanbul Technical University’s MIAM studios, laboratories, library and concert hall till September 22nd.

The festival’s three-folded conceptual frame - “the city”, “noise” and “open source”- will be worked into performances, a boat tour, sonic mapping, workshops, and presentations. For further information:
blog- http://www.nomad-tv.net/ctrl_alt_del

ctrl_alt_del coordinates

September 16th
Opening Night

Ran Slavin (IL)
REC featuring every kid on speed (MK)
Paul Devens (NL)
DJ Negma (TR)
DJ Selim Cenkel (TR)
DJ Reuben De Lautour (NZ/TR)

(entrance fee- Balans: 18 YTL = 10 Euro)

September 17th
Boat Tour
Bosphorus and Golden Horn
Boarding location: behind Türkpetrol gas station, Kabatas
Name of the boat: Nis
Landing location: Besiktas
(check the map )

11:00 am

Guided tour of sonic mapping and Istanbul Compilation by MIAM
Barkın Engin (TR)
Erdem HelvacioÄŸlu (TR)
Burak Tamer (TR)
Tolga Tuzun (TR)

Performances at Golden Horn
Boris Hegenbart (DE) - Kadir HasUniversitesi, Cibali
Uri Katzenstein (IL) & Binya Reches (IL)

(boat tour: 20 Euro – Reservations recommended via info@nomad-tv.net as the space is limited)

September 19th-20th-21st
ITU-MIAM, Macka Campus

19.09 -13:00 InterSpace presentation by Galia Dimitrova (BG)
19.09 -13:30 REC (TR) presentation
19.09 -16:00 Phillipp Misselwitz (DE) & Klaus Obermeyer (DE) presentation - (in the context of “under.ctrl” project)
19.09 -14:00 Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon (IL) presentation by Eyal Danon
20.09 -13:00 Sabreen (Palestine) presentation by Wissam Murad & Ibrahim Eid
20.09 -13:30 NOMAD (TR) presentation by Basak Senova & Emre Erkal
20.09 -16:00 Florian Schneider (DE) presentation - (in the context of “under.ctrl” project)
21.09 -13:00 STEIM (NL) presentation by Robert van Heuman
21.09 -16:00 Banu Cennetoglu (TR) presentation - (in the context of “under.ctrl” project - closed session)

September 19th-20th-21st
ITU-MIAM, Macka Campus

19-20. 09 -14:00 MIAM Sound analysis and algorithmic composition environment: IRCAM software workshop by Tolga Tuzun (TR)
20.09 -14:00 NOMAD audio-visual workshop on animation by Erhan Muratoglu (TR)
19-20-21.09 -15:00 STEIM LiSa audio-visual workshop by Robert van Heumen (NL) - 3 days
19-20.09 -15:30 InterSpace open source workshop by Petko Dourmana (BG), - 2 days
19-20-21.09 -15:30 Bookstr & Global Heart Me ultra-localized radio broadcast and diffusion strategies workshop by Matthieu Prat (FR) & Tal Hadad (FR) 3 days

September 19th-20th-21st
ITU-MIAM, Macka Campus
Mustafa Kemal Anfisi

Kerem Aksoy (TR), Deniz Arat (TR), Sakir Oguz Buyukberber (TR/NL), Paul Devens (NL), Robert van Heumen (NL), Reuben de Lautour (NZ/TR), Wissam Murad (Palestine), Ibrahim Eid (Palestine), SFR (Zafer Aracagök) (TR), Ran Slavin (IL), Pieter Snapper (US/TR), Can Turkinan (TR), Murat Yakin (TR), REC Compilation (TR) - Orçun Basturk, Liz Fando, Tonguc Gokalp, Randiman Kakara, Saska, and Open Call Compilation concerts: Muni Monde, Ozdemir Bayrak, Kerem Guzel, Koray Kantarcioğlu, Solar Duo.

(All of the presentations, workshops and performances at ITU are free of charge)

The 2005 programme for the ctrl_alt_del project has been developed by Başak Şenova, Emre Erkal, Pieter Snapper, Erhan Muratoglu and Paul Devens. Can Karadoğan is responsible for the logistics of ITU activities as the project coordinator and Nuşin Odelli is in charge of editing of the printed material. The project has received support from NOMAD Project Channel, Istanbul Technical University MIAM (Center for Advanced Musical Studies), Goethe Institut, Istanbul, Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam, Consulate-General of the Netherlands, MOAB Foundation, Radio Helsinki, Graz , ekw 14.90, Israel National Lottery Council for the Arts, Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon, STEIM ( Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music), InterSpace, Sofia, Sabreen Studio, Ford Foundation, Kadir Has University, REC Magazine, Balans, Bant Magazine, e-tasarım, Senkron Publishing, and Baska Seyler Music, Art and Organization.